I think / Other ways to say


We can talk BETTER than we used to!


think, suppose, believe


  • think 思う、考える
  • suppose 思う(根拠が薄い、確証はない)
  • believe 思う(本人的に確証がある)


この記事では think の言いかえ、婉曲表現について考えてみます。

Other ways to say “I think”


I’d say that …

I would say that … は、「~と言えると思います」や、「~と、いったところでしょうか」にあたる表現です。

How long does it take to drive to there?

It depends on traffic, I’d say that it takes about 4 to 5 hours to drive.

If you ask me


I want to spend whole money they give me for my pleasure.

If you ask me, you should spend your money a little wiser.

In my honest opinion

「正直に言わせてもらえば」 率直に物事を意見します。

I want to spend that money and get a lot of games, but my uncle said it is not a good idea.

In my honest opinion, he is right.

As far as I can tell …


似た表現として、で”As far as I know” 知る限りにおいては、があります。これを使う場合、ある程度の判断情報の蓄積があることが前提ですね。

As far as I can tell, it is good to spend your money wiser.